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  • Chris Noden

    Just installed uBar and am excited by the potential for me. Just like the OP, I am having the issue where I can't resize windows and have them not overlap behind uBar.

    I have a 5120x1440 screen. Using Mosaic with keyboard shortcuts has been transformative. However, using the standard Dock hasn't felt right (MacOS doesn't cater well for ultra-wide let alone super ultra-wide). The combination of Mosaic and uBar feels like it would really be good for helping me layout my windows with maximum real-estate - but I can't find a way to make app windows not go behind uBar - therefore missing the very bottom of the window (which can have important status information). Chrome seems to work (mostly) and does a second resize (not every-time, but most times) to avoid the overlap - but I think this is a Chrome thing, not a Mosaic thing.

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