Ability to sync settings between devices



  • Fred Laxton

    This doesn't have sync? I just assumed it would. Pretty much everything has it these days.

    I looked and looked through the preferences and could not find it. What?

    So this is a hassle - I have to create my custom layouts TWICE? THREE times if I have three Macs (which I did, up until recently). Argh.

    iCloud. Or Dropbox. Or any cloud service, I have them all. Just pick one and use it!

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  • Frank Z

    Yes exactly, Fred!

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  • Nick Mauro

    Any updates Mosaic team? Definitely a hassle not having sync

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  • Jonathan Garbee

    We have export and import options already. How difficult would it be to wire up a change event that exports to iCloud to be synced automatically? Needing to remember to manually export after large changes to have a backup is painful when it could just be automatic.

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