Accessibility Requirements for Mosaic




  • Jose M. Castro Reino

    This instructions are ok, but in reality you are not "presented with the Security & Privacy system preferences panel", instead you are presented with the System Preferences window, and nowhere the Security & Privacy settings is mentioned, only Accessibility is mentioned, which makes it confusing. There is a low resolution picture of the settings, but in this case, a bad picture is no worth a few words...

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  • jjl

    Because the reasons J. Reino explains, I was looking all around the Accessibility panel which naturally was quite different, but the resolution of your image is not high enough to tell it is within Security and Privacy. It was only when I found the support note above that I realized you meant the Accessibility choice within the Privacy tab within the Security and Privacy panel.  Wasted 15 minutes which was completely avoidable had you opened to the correct panel automatically (which many apps do), and described the correct panel in the text and image for the install function.

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  • john philpin

    oh bloody hell - really - 7 months later this is still not fixed - i now have it working .... but jose and jjl are right instructions you provide are NOT what needs to happen - I am working now - but wasted a LOT of time - including how to even find this place to ask the question ....

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